Vegan Tea

tea kettle pouring green tea into a white tea cupI love drinking tea. I drink it straight with no plant milk or sweetener because I want to taste the tea. Tea, coffee, and caffeine are not diuretics as shown in the study Caffeine Ingestion and Fluid Balance. They do not cause you to lose more water than you drink. Here are a few of my favorite vegan teas.

The companies Bigelow, Stash, and Twinings are listed on PETA’s Cruelty-Free Tea list meaning they do not test on animals. Yogi Tea does not test on animals either. View the reply I received from Yogi Tea about animal testing.

Bigelow Peppermint
Caffeine: 0 mg., caffeine free
Ingredients: peppermint leaves

Herbal tea with a strong peppermint flavor and only a single ingredient.

Yogi Egyptian Licorice
Caffeine: 0 mg., caffeine free
Ingredients: organic licorice root, organic cinnamon bark, organic orange peel, organic ginger root, organic cardamom pod, natural tangerine flavor, organic black pepper, organic clove bud, organic cinnamon bark oil

Second sweetest tea I have tasted. This tea is as sweet as it is spicy. I drink this one right before I go to bed to help me relax. There is nothing in this tea that will make you sleep better though.