How You Can Help

panda black and white climbing logs how you can does not accept donations but if you would like to help please consider donating to one of the registered charity organizations listed below. More will be added later.

As a vegan seeing and smelling all those dead animal carcasses at family gatherings is a bit depressing. So I thought I would do something to help the animals and help me feel better. I adopted a turkey at

At Farm Sanctuary you can adopt a turkey or donate money. They also have a live feed of the turkeys and merchandise such as tote bags and t-shirts.

World Animal Foundation

At World Animal Foundation they have many different types of animals such as wild animals, farm animals, and insects.

World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund website has a long list of wild animals that can be adopted. You can also choose to receive a gift such as a plush animal or t-shirt along with your donation.