Chocolate Melon

I like melon. Now I love chocolate melon!  I eat about 4 lbs. of it every day. This golden honeydew melon / canary melon was ripened outside the refrigerator for a couple of weeks until it got moldy. This method works well for ripening a papaya but I had never tried it with a melon before. This will not work with watermelon. I have tried ripening a watermelon over a period of 6 weeks. Watermelon just gets mushy, slimy and loses flavor as it ages. Watermelon usually does not get moldy on the outside either.

chocolate melon golden honeydew melon canary melon has changed color from white to orange
Golden Honeydew Melon / Canary Melon, Normally they have white flesh but since this one was allowed to fully ripen (off the vine) the flesh has turned orange.

Chocolate Melon Recipe

How to make a melon such as cantaloupe, summer kiss, sugar kissmelorange, honeydew, golden honeydew, canary taste like chocolate.

I have been successful using the following melons with this recipe:

Golden Honeydew, Canary
Summer Kiss
Sugar Kiss

1. Instructions for each melon type:

Summer Kiss, Sugar Kiss, Melorange –

These melons are very easy to use with this recipe. Ripen on the counter for 1-2 days until soft. You should be able to press in on it with your finger. Then refrigerate for 1-2 days. Melon will be almost liquid and will drip when you cut into it. Do not let it get moldy. Summer Kiss melons will turn from green to orange when using this recipe.

Golden Honeydew, Canary –

Allow to ripen outside the refrigerator for a couple of weeks until it gets brown and mushy on the ends then refrigerate for a few days. The picture above shows a Golden Honeydew, Canary melon that has turned from white to orange. It is not a cantaloupe.

Cantaloupe –

I have tried this several times with a cantaloupe but I am unable to produce positive results. The cantaloupe ends up being moldy on one side and firm on the other. The moldy side has no flavor and has to be removed. I will keep trying though since this melon ripens fast and is easiest to find.

Honeydew Melon –

I cut one open that had a little mold on one end. Inside where the mold was it had turned brown so I removed that part. It did not seem like it was any sweeter. It took about 6 weeks to develop mold outside the refrigerator.

2. Wash off any mold and then cut off the skin and any parts that don’t taste or look right. Note the inside of a golden honeydew / canary will turn from white to orange.

3. Remove seeds and cut into cubes.

4. Freeze the melon cubes for about 24 hours this should increase the flavor and make the melon last longer. The freezing process will also make the melon go from extremely mushy to very firm.

5. Eat the Chocolate Melon.

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