Foods I Avoid and Foods I Eat

This is a list of foods I Avoid and foods I Eat. There are so many unhealthy foods available to purchase but the more you avoid them the the less you will want them. It is easier to completely stop eating a food than it is to eat it in moderation.

Foods I Avoid


I am a vegan so I avoid obvious foods like Meat (yes fish is also meat), Dairy, Eggs, and Honey.

Aside from that, I also avoid the following foods including the vegan versions of these foods like faux meat, dairy, eggs, and honey.

Added Salt & Sugar

why? These are the best way to ruin your health. These are unnecessary because they naturally occur in fruits and vegetables. Salt causes water retention and sugar causes a huge blood sugar spike which leads to fat storage. Sugar contains zero nutrients.


why? It is liquid sugar and is also a mind altering drug.
Alcohol use and burden for 195 countries and territories, 1990–2016: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2016

Artificial Sweeteners

why? They temporarily dull taste buds so you cannot taste the natural sweetness of vegetables.
Aspartame & the Brain (video)
Effect of Sucralose (Splenda) on the Microbiome (video)


why? It contains added sugar and salt and is very high in calories.

Carbonated Drinks

why? They are full of added sugar, salt, and artificial sweetener.

Energy Drinks

why? They are very addictive and are full of added sugar, salt, artificial sweetener, and caffeine.

Fruit Juice

why? It is liquid sugar. Fruit is just fiber, water, and sugar. Remove the fiber (pulp) and some of the water and you have a liquid super sugar. The fiber in fruit prevents a blood sugar spike, it shouldn’t be removed.


why? It is liquid fat. I avoid anything with the word Oil in the title such as but not limited to Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Oil, Peanut Oil, and Safflower Oil. If you want to eat fat eat an avocado instead.
Improving on the Mediterranean Diet (video)

Processed Foods

why? They are ground up trash glued together with salt and they temporarily dull your taste buds so that you cannot taste the natural salt and sugar in vegetables. What’s the “Natural” Human Diet? (video)

Snack Foods

why? Mangoes and watermelon are snack foods not cookies and chips. Foods that people and advertising refer to as snack food are unhealthy garbage that is high in salt, sugar, and fat.


Foods I Eat


This is a small list of foods I eat. I do not limit myself to only these specific foods. The list is infinite because I am always trying new items that fit on this list.

cut mango on a clear plate with a silver fork on top of wood table - foods I avoid

Whole Fruit & Whole Vegetables

-Avocados – high calories and high fat but very healthy
-Papaya, Maradol

dry uncooked black beans - foods i avoid

Legumes & Lentils

-Black Beans
-Small Red Beans
-Soybeans, Organic or Non-GMO
-Tofu, organic

penne pasta dry uncooked white background foods i avoid


-Cereal – vegan, no added sugar or salt
-Oatmeal, Steel Cut – 1 ingredient on the box
-Pasta Whole Wheat – 1 ingredient on the box
-Popcorn – air popped with no butter or salt

3 types of nuts in separate brown bowls on white background - foods i avoid

Nuts and Seeds

I rarely eat these because they are low volume and high calories.
-Sunflower Seeds


-Tea – matcha, green tea, herbal. I drink less than 200 mg. caffeine a day.
-Juice – homemade, not from concentrate, containing only fruit and water
-Water, Filtered

Other Foods

-Amla Powder – 1 ingredient
-Cacao – 1 ingredient, powdered dark chocolate
-Coconut Oil – I DO NOT EAT THIS. It is very unhealthy to eat because it is liquid saturated fat. I use it on my skin.
-Dates – no added sugar or salt. I rarely eat this because it is low in volume and high in calories but it is good for a road trip.
-Hemp Protein Powder – 1 ingredient, Hemp
-Miracle Noodles – Konjac root 100% insoluble (undigestible) fiber. Zero Calories.
-Spirulina – 1 ingredient
-Xylitol Natural Sweetener – I DO NOT EAT THIS. I use it to make toothpaste.


Bread, Whole Wheat – homemade with no added salt or sugar
-Guacamole – avocado half, Mrs. Dash salt-free Lemon Pepper
Hot Sauce / Salsa – homemade, no added salt or sugar
-Peanut Butter Dip – tofu, PB2